Bringing the Light into the Season

Holiday Tree 2018Bringing the Light into the Season

I love the holidays. I have to admit that I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, adorning the fireplace mantel with Santa, his reindeer, lights, and candles.  By the end of the day, the tree is covered with lights and ornaments. I find it one of the most heart-filled times of the season to see those shining, sparkling colors bringing a bright light to the room. And it does bring a smile to my face when a 4-year-old walks through the front door, is mesmerized by the tree, the Santas and the angels and asks whether I’m Mrs. Santa Claus too!

Helping the darkness become light

I wait for that day to be able to bring light and color into my home. It seems that once November is upon us and the sun is sinking into the horizon earlier each day, there is a darkness that is deeper and more enveloping as each day passes. For centuries, people have celebrated Winter Solstice by hanging bright lights and evergreen boughs to symbolize the continuity of life. The Solstice is the turning point when those dark, short days are going to start getting lighter. Well, I for one, do not want to wait!

For me, turning on the Christmas lights brings the joy of the Solstice into my home at the end of November rather than the end of December. Plus I do love Christmas.

The gift of breath and life

My Christmas gift to you is a way to experience more comfortable and more expansive breath, even during those times when you have so much on your plate you don’t know how you’re going to pull it off.  Give yourself a hug! Hold your upper arms with a light, gentle touch, and you will be reminding your body to create space for each breath. And then give yourself an even bigger hug by touching the outside edge of your shoulder blades. You are connecting with an energy balance point that is all about being complete. That which was is and shall be, to bring the full circle of life to every cell of your being.

Bringing the Light into the Season with your joy

I wish each and every one of you a delightful and joyful holiday season! And may you experience helping the darkness become light.

Happy Holidays


Holiday Excitement and Two New Cats

Holiday Kitties 2016

I love the holiday season!

There’s something about the getting ready that makes me feel good all over. It starts with sharing Thanksgiving with family and friends. And then I jump into decorating for Christmas and having fun times with friends. My tree covered with ornaments and lights, the mantle with Santa and his reindeer, my Santa collection spread throughout the house, and miniature nativity scenes set in their unique places all create the reasons why the holidays are such an extraordinary time of the year for me. You have to see my home to understand that I’m really into it. There’s nothing like the feeling I got when a 4-year-old walked in the front door and asked, “Are you Mrs. Santa Claus too?”

Something is a bit different this year

None of my beautiful vintage glass ornaments are on the tree because two new kitties, Topaz and Tux, are new to the picture and creating magic in the household. They’ve been super with all of the decorations, but I’m not going to take any chances!

A Season of Fun and Joy

I hope YOUR holiday season is full of fun and joy! And I hope that you and your family have many magical experiences!

Sweep Away Holiday Stress

Want a super easy way to do some holiday shopping? No matter who you are shopping for and how old they are, my animated video of the Daily Clean Your House Flow will help bring calm and ease to the special people in your life.

Help them sweep away stress and overwhelm and discover the magic of energetic balance!


Recharge Your Batteries

Assorted BatteriesHow are YOU doing?


Are you feeling like there’s too much on your plate? Okay — I have to admit it — I’m in the space of “I better recharge my batteries or I’m going to have to replace them”. And, as you well know, we really don’t have the option of replacement. So, if you’re anywhere in that space and place of “I need more energy” — whether it’s from feeling tired, overwhelmed, scattered, or “where’s the joy?” — THEN IT IS time to revitalize and recharge.

So, here’s my story — it’s only 10:00 in the morning and I was feeling the “oh, oh, where I am I going to get the umph (one of my grandma’s favorite words)I need for the rest of today so I can get everything done I want and need to do?”

I had already done the Daily Clean Your House Flow when I awakened, like I usually do. So, to create the umph here’s what I did…

  • I sat on my hands — holding the area of the sit bones connects with an energy balance area that is all about “bringing breath to every cell of your being and creating vitality throughout” (hold for at least several good breaths)
  •  I then cupped my forehead with one hand and cupped the base of my skull with the other — that movement helped create clarity and focus so everything I was thinking in my head could get out of the “chatter and clutter state” and get to the place of constructive and productive process
  • Then I cupped my sternum with one hand (directly below the clavicle) and held the fingers of my other hand on my tummy — that movement is all about shifting the movement of the breath to create alignment, which is exactly what I needed — alignment with conscious thought so I could get out of my own way and get the work done.

Hey, it’s working! In addition, I’ve been drinking lots of water. This crazy dry cold weather that we’re experiencing is drying out our bodies, which in turn can “dry up” our cognitive processing. Keep in mind that the cold temperatures are causing our furnaces to run more which is also drying up our bodies, inside and out. So, keep lubricated — good water to drink and lotions for the skin.

My wish for YOU — keep your batteries charged up! AND — have a very happy and healthy holiday season!



Digesting All Of That Food AND Everything Going On Around You!

Digestive System

Our digestive system (in the energetic world) is more than those organs that are responsible for helping us to digest the food we intake. Think about the words and phrases we use whenever we are talking about new ideas, new thoughts, new information, new behaviors, and especially other people’s words and actions sent our way. We chew on them, taste them, roll them over our tongues, salivate over them — at which point we decide whether we are going to spit them out or swallow them. If we do swallow those thoughts, ideas, words, whatever — we move them through and then stomach them. At which point, we assimilate them. After the full processing, we eliminate whatever we’re ready to let go of.

That is a lot for our bodies to do for us — just to help us process all that we take in. So — keep that in mind when you’re eating the foods you’re eating this holiday season! AND recognize that ALL that is taking place in your world — family, work, gatherings, parties, memories, holiday celebrations — can easily affect your digestive system. Consider giving your body this gift to help move the energy and help everything go smoother — both to prepare you and your body for whatever is planned and to prepare you for whatever you don’t expect.

Digestive Flow Pattern

  1. Right hand: gently hold left cheekbone
  2. Left hand: hold left chest below collarbone
  3. Left hand: hold right base of ribcage
  4. Left hand: hold right small of back
  5. Left hand: hold left base of ribcage
  6. Left hand: hold right inner thigh
  7. Left hand: hold outside of right leg off mid shin bone
  8. Left hand: hold/cup right middle toe

You can switch hands to do the other side.

This flow pattern — and a whole lot more — can be seen in my Energy Balancing Care Guide. Go to my website to order it. And, if you’re interested in really investigating what you can be doing to be your very own care provider and more fully understand your energy system, consider taking my workshops. The schedule is on my website on the workshop page.

Hope you enjoy your holiday meals — and that everything in your world is easily digested!