Bringing the Light into the Season

Holiday Tree 2018Bringing the Light into the Season

I love the holidays. I have to admit that I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, adorning the fireplace mantel with Santa, his reindeer, lights, and candles.  By the end of the day, the tree is covered with lights and ornaments. I find it one of the most heart-filled times of the season to see those shining, sparkling colors bringing a bright light to the room. And it does bring a smile to my face when a 4-year-old walks through the front door, is mesmerized by the tree, the Santas and the angels and asks whether I’m Mrs. Santa Claus too!

Helping the darkness become light

I wait for that day to be able to bring light and color into my home. It seems that once November is upon us and the sun is sinking into the horizon earlier each day, there is a darkness that is deeper and more enveloping as each day passes. For centuries, people have celebrated Winter Solstice by hanging bright lights and evergreen boughs to symbolize the continuity of life. The Solstice is the turning point when those dark, short days are going to start getting lighter. Well, I for one, do not want to wait!

For me, turning on the Christmas lights brings the joy of the Solstice into my home at the end of November rather than the end of December. Plus I do love Christmas.

The gift of breath and life

My Christmas gift to you is a way to experience more comfortable and more expansive breath, even during those times when you have so much on your plate you don’t know how you’re going to pull it off.  Give yourself a hug! Hold your upper arms with a light, gentle touch, and you will be reminding your body to create space for each breath. And then give yourself an even bigger hug by touching the outside edge of your shoulder blades. You are connecting with an energy balance point that is all about being complete. That which was is and shall be, to bring the full circle of life to every cell of your being.

Bringing the Light into the Season with your joy

I wish each and every one of you a delightful and joyful holiday season! And may you experience helping the darkness become light.

Happy Holidays



Blue and coral butterfliesTransformation — it’s the season!

First off, Happy Holidays! I love this season — for me it’s all about the preparation, the traditions and the joy I feel experiencing those special moments. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or the Winter Solstice or something in between, the season is all about transformation.

Transform — change, turn, convert, transfigure, alter, make over, metamorphose, remodel, reconstruct, remold, recast, refurbish — the Thesaurus is pretty specific that transforming is all about involvement. You really have to become a part of the process to take yourself from where you are to where you want to be. The butterfly is a perfect depiction of easy and effortless transformation. It’s life is all about being in the moment and allowing and letting go. From the caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly — each step is a new beginning.

Have you noticed that I have butterflies on my brochures and cards? I have a special connection with that beautiful, fragile, courageous and wonderful being. Just being near one is an uplifting experience — they flit about with ease and if you’re exceptionally lucky, one will light upon you. They have no expectations — watch one as it leaves its cocoon into a fresh new beginning. It is living in a completely different body than the one it had before — and it just accepts and moves on.

Another connection that makes me smile is how OUR bodies are all about transformation. Your body depends on it. Every system within you harnesses transformation and creates newness to keep you alive.  Respiratory, digestion, circulation, reproduction, cognitive process — every process within you is taking old and creating new. That’s why energy balancing works! When we connect with the energy balance areas we are helping our bodies transform to become what they want to be — healthy, happy, vital beings that help you enjoy every moment of your life. When your body is in a state of energetic balance and harmony is living like a butterfly — each moment is a new beginning.

My hope for all of us is that we discover how to live in OUR worlds with ease and joy — accepting and allowing, living up to the challenges that come our way, ready to step into any new possibility, willing to be totally involved in the process of transformation which is life.

In this glorious season of hope and joy — as we light up our homes and neighborhoods to brighten the darkness, as we wait for the days to get longer, as we step into another new beginning — be a butterfly. And enjoy YOUR transformation.


Are The Holidays Ready For You?

everlasting love roseAre you ready for the holidays? And,more importantly, are they ready for you? HOLIDAYS: that time of the year that is so very magical. I love the preparation, just as much as I enjoy the actual festivities of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. As I analyze “why is it that way for me?”, I believe that it’s about celebration — I find ways to experience celebration of life and all that life brings to the table. I find myself being in the magic that the memories of the past create — even as all of the items on the “to do list” get added and I go to “oh, my — how am I going to do all of that?” But the beauty of it — the magic is there, even with the “missing the way things were when Randy was here.” Granted, it can be hard living in a world that is so very different from what I had planned and expected. The holidays, of course, can be especially hard when those moments of “missing” take the breath away, and there’s a feeling of being stranded, being left at an intersection where you have to try and figure out which way to turn. Then, the moment of confusion passes and there’s total clarity: “life is right here and now”. THAT is the moment when the BIG challenge is transformed by the magic that each and every one of us has available to us — the ability to “be,” to allow, to create, and to celebrate. THAT is the moment when YOU can make the difference in how the holidays are for you and, as a result, for those around you. So, the trick is to be “in breath”. I find that these simple energy flows help me to let go and be in the moment, especially in those moments of confusion.


  • Hold upper arms by folding arms across the chest Cross hands and hold inside of knees (or upper thighs)
  • Right fingers: hold right base of ribcage Left fingers: hold right chest below clavicle
  • Left fingers: hold left base of ribcage Right fingers: hold left chest below clavicle
  • Right hand: cup sternum just below the clavicle Left fingers: hold in a vertical pattern just below the naval

Blue Holiday Ornament with an Orange Bow I wish YOU a very easy, comfortable, joyous and happy holiday season! AND I wish you LOTS of breath and easy flowing movement! AND I see YOU creating the holiday season to be all you want it to be — and a whole lot more… Deborah's Signature