Hands on Brilliance Workshop

Good IdeaHands On Brilliance

Since the October fires, do you feel like you’ve lost some of your ability to process information?  Have you lost some of your get-up-and-go? None of that is unusual after trauma and chaos, which all of us experienced during and since the wildfires, no matter how we were individually impacted.

You can easily rediscover your vitality by connecting with your energy using self-help acupressure. Rev up your body’s ability to accomplish all you desire to do and be. Become a partner with your body! Help your body let go of the trauma and effects of the wildfires, including shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms.

Easy Ways to Improve Focus, Clarity and Productivity FREE workshop

Thursday, December 14th, 9:00 – 11:00 am

Santa Rosa Metro Chamber offices

50 Old Courthouse Square, Suite 110, Santa Rosa, CA

To sign up for this FREE workshop go to:

or Call Wendy Eaton at the Chamber, (707) 545-1414

In Deborah’s Workshop, You Will Discover How To:

  • Release blocked energy, old patterns, and self-sabotage that can limit your success
  • Increase your vitality and productivity — and create peak performance
  • Balance your energy & get more out of each day
  • Help your body let go of any stress and anxiety
  • Rediscover your breath — help your respiratory system heal
  • Improve your focus, clarity and memory
  • Improve your ability to process information and let go of overwhelm
  • Boost your immune system and stay healthy
  • Get relief from chronic symptoms including respiratory problems
  • Manage pain
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Handle feelings

I hope you will join me.

Download the Chamber Hands on Brilliance Workshop Flyer 12-14-17 with all of the information and share it with your friends.


Survive and Thrive

girl is blowing a soap bubbles

Get your breath back after the fires – FREE workshop

Wednesday, November 15th, 9:00 – 11:00 am

Available to ALL residents and community members

Santa Rosa Metro Chamber offices

50 Old Courthouse Square, Suite 110, Santa Rosa, CA

To sign up for this FREE workshop go to:

You know those phrases we have a tendency to use after a crisis?

“It took my breath away.”  “Waiting with baited breath.”  “Waiting for the next shoe to drop.”

Those phrases are describing our bodies not having enough breath. And, once that has occurred, our bodies have a memory of “not having enough breath.” After the traumatic experiences of the last month, it is pretty easy to recognize that we need to revitalize the respiratory system and make sure to boost our immune systems, especially when the smoke has also been part of the picture.

Santa Rosa Metro Chamber has requested that I offer a workshop to assist the community.

Survive and Thrive Workshop – Discover how to recover from trauma and be prepared for life

Vitality is at your fingertips. You can easily connect with your energy using self-help acupressure and rev up your body’s ability to accomplish all you desire to do and be. Become a partner with your body. And help your body heal from the trauma of the wildfires.

In this workshop with health educator & acupressurist, Deborah Myers, you will discover how to:

  • Balance your energy & get more out of each day
  • Help your body let go of any stress and anxiety
  • Rediscover your breath
  • Boost your immune system & stay healthy
  • Improve mobility & flexibility
  • Improve your focus, clarity, and memory
  • Get relief from chronic symptoms & manage pain
  • Increase your vitality & productivity & create peak performance
  • Let go of overwhelm
  • Handle feelings
  • Release blocked energy, old patterns, & self-sabotage that can limit your success

To sign up for this FREE workshop go to:

Chamber Survive and Thrive Workshop Flyer 11-15-17


Pain Relief is at Your Fingertips

Pain Relief is at Your Fingertips

headacheI recommend doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow at least once a day. There is no such thing as too much self-help!  Your body is hungry for wellness. Discover how good you can feel. Do the Daily Flow several times a day. It builds a firm foundation for good health and feeling your best.

Release Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders

Hold these energy balance points for easier movement. Release back and neck tension with this simple energy flow:

  • Right hand – cup back of neck with fingers on the left side
  • Left hand – hold fingers on the coccyx (base of spine)
  • Left hand – hold fingers on outside of left knee

Pain Relief from Your Toes to Your Nose

A gentle touch of these trigger points assists your body release pain and discomfort.

Begin by holding one of your ankles:

Right hand – place fingers on the inside of the ankle

  • Left hand – position fingers on the outside of the ankle


  • Hold hand on area of discomfort/pain/inflammation
  • With your other hand – place fingers on outside of knee

Discover how easy it is to be a partner with your body!!

I will share and show you how you can heal and stay well. See easy to learn acupressure flows for pain relief. Sign up today. learn with me at the next

Experience first hand how your energy moves in your body. Study with me at the next Level 1 Health at Your Fingertips Wellness Workshop.

  • Reserve your spot soon for the best pricing.
  • Three Wednesdays evenings
  • 6-9pm
  • October 12, 19 and 26
  • In Santa Rosa, California
  • RSVP Today

Learn How to Listen to Your Body

Your body is amazing. Hear the signals and signs of distress. Learn the language of your energy. You can stop the pain in its tracks.

You can be a wellness superstar.

Wishing you ease of movement. You can have fun, get things done and let go of PAIN!

Let me know what happens. Share your results in a comment on this post.


Breath and Imagery

This is a guest post from Maria Battista, Sacred Mountain Yoga

yoga on the deck“At our retreat on July 1st we acknowledged the beautiful nature that surrounded us on Sonoma Mountain.  Our yoga practice focused on breathing with the many oak trees all around.  We drew deep into our lungs and blood stream the rich oxygen that the trees and plants were offering to us.  In return we gave back to them what our cells no longer needed so that they could create more oxygen.  Giving and receiving through mindful breathing we felt our mutually nurturing connection to the earth and to each other.  In our asana practice we opened up our bodies to remove the tightness, and the blockages.  Each of us, at our own level was able to expand to receive and to give back with more abundance.  We were energized and fed, calm and grounded.

Our retreat on September 7th will be about balancing our hormones. In the yoga portion, we will focus on the endocrine system.  Using movement and posture we will gently massage each of the organs of the endocrine system to tone and balance.  Movements of the neck will tone the thyroid and parathyroid.   Chest openers will enliven the thymus gland behind the breastbone,  twists for  the pancreas and ovaries.  Using forward bends the adrenal glands at the back of the waist will be calmed and restored.  Gentle inversions will bring blood into the brain to feed the pineal and pituitary glands.

Using breath and imagery we will touch each of these organs with the healing power of intention and light in a guided meditation. This meditation will move us into a deep place of connection with ourselves resulting in letting go of stress and striving.  The endocrine system and hormonal secretions are very much affected by stress.  In deep relaxation (also known as Yoga Nidra) the body moves out of the sympathetic nervous system and the reactions of fight and flight.  Instead, we live in the parasympathetic state of peace and calm benefiting us in body, mind, and heart.

I look forward to sharing the powerful healing practice of yoga with all the the women who attend our September 7th women’s retreat.  Namaste — Maria Battista

Maria Battista

Sacred Mountain Yoga



Women’s Wellness Retreat Tips

Tidbits from Maria, Jane and Gay

Deborah Myers

I loved having guest presenters at the June 1st Women’s Wellness Retreat who brought their expertise, their knowledge and their passion to share with all who attended. Each participant left with a folder full of goodies and information to be able to easily continue giving to ourselves. Because, isn’t that what it is all about? Each of us needs to take care of ourselves on a daily basis: energy balancing, exercise, good nutrition, easy self-care that allows us to have vitality throughout our days.

Isn’t it great that we don’t need to “know it all?”  Here are just a few things that we learned

Maria Battista, Sacred Mountain Yoga

yoga on the deckMaria led us in a yoga practice that was all about breath – discovering breath and being “in” breath. Maria, an amazing yoga teacher, can easily direct her students to that place of “being in your body.”She brought to our attention that watching the trees moving in the breeze was like experiencing the breath moving within our bodies. What a magnificent yoga experience we had under her tutelage as she directed us into postures that were all about easy movement.  You can find out more about Maria and her work at www.mariabattistayoga.com.

Gay Dering, Beauty Kasbah

Gay DeringGay is all about healthy skin care being the foundation for beauty. Her presentation centered on the fact that skin is one of five organs of elimination and since it is the biggest and most expansive, we need to be consistently maintaining it.

She shared that there are many natural skin care ingredients that are available in our kitchens, and she gave us recipes to follow.  And, here are a few simple practices to put into place: Always wash your face before going to bed (30 splashes!), massage while you wash or apply creams and oils, avoid touching your face during the day, go “simple” with your face care products. And, keep in mind “a woman’s best cosmetic is taking joy in life” (Rosalind Russell). Check out Gay and her work at www.beautykasbah.com.

Jane Bell, Flower Essence practitioner

Jane BellJane was super fun to listen to and experience. Jane has been in private practice for thirty years and has created Hawaiian Essences and Alaskan Essences, both lines to help us nourish ourselves like never before. She shared her knowledge and her sprays, and we experienced relaxation and rejuvenation in partnership with Nature. Flower essences embody the sacred energies of mother nature and help us feel at ease, an amazing and beautiful way to give yourself the gift of self-care. Discover all the beautiful essences Jane has created at www.janebellessences.com.

Cyrelle McDonald, personal chef

Cyrelle McDonald, personal chef,Cyrelle prepared and served the food for the day. Cyrelle suggested that it is important to create meals with local, seasonal, organic ingredients. The food was yummy, vegetarian, gluten-free and sugar free. She showed us that we can eat “good for you food” that tastes really good – all at the same time!

Her hummus recipe is in a separate posting. Try it! You’ll like it, a lot! You can see more about Cyrelle at www.wholesomecreations.biz.