How to Spring Away From Stress

Reaction to Emotional Upset or Crisis

Deborah in the GardenI’d like to share a few simple flow patterns to move through emotional upset or crisis (helps prevent or release “reaction”)

  • Hold upper arms – fold arms across the chest – connects with heart and breath
  • Jumper Cable (connects with ALL emotions) so emotions don’t take breath away and stop movement forward – allows you to get the “information from the emotion”
  • To release throat tension, to “speak truth” and have strong voice
    • Right hand cup the sternum just below the clavicle and
    • Left fingers hold in a vertical pattern just below the naval
    • Hold fingers at outside edges of the pubic bone – washes heart with joy and laughter – allows the body to “find” joy, even in the midst of upset or sadness
  • To help “rediscover” safety, security, firm foundation (basis of family) – 1st and 2nd chakras
    • Right fingers – hold base of spine (coccyx)
    • Left fingers – hold tummy (or center of pubic bone)

In the Flow

I’ve been doing all of those flows, and more since the crazy actions that so drastically affected so many people in Boston. My heart still hurts and any time I see a picture or hear a story I have tears of sadness and wonder “why?” But, I have full breath. My heart hurt isn’t affecting my inhale or my exhale. You can’t have one without the other. And we need that exhale to release and prevent any buildup of “reaction”.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the flows.


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