Rejuvenation – The best way to begin a New Cycle

I’ve discovered the best way to start the New Year (aka New Cycle)! I just returned from a magnificent week’s vacation at the beach, and I feel rested and rejuvenated. I didn’t feel extraordinarily tired beforehand or even that I needed a vacation. After all, I live in a beautiful part of the country and my home and garden has a sense of “being on a retreat,” or at least that’s what many of my friends and clients tell me!

But I’m a super busy woman between clients, teaching, office work, business development, creating new projects and doing lots of work around the property. So maybe my body was just a bit hungry to not do anything, because by day four of the week vacation, I was finding myself waking up from naps! Now, I do not normally take naps but my body sure surprised me by the number of times I would wake up when I’d been reading or just watching the waves.

I had this intention that I was going to get caught up on my inbox, get some writing done for my new website, and brainstorm ideas for promotion of my new project. But I discovered that my head just did not want to wrap around anything having to do with thinking and doing. So I let go of the feeling that “I should” and I went into total vacation mode. I can tell you now that it was the best thing I could have done for myself. On the drive back home from Mexico I found myself feeling like I had made a huge leap of faith; that I really could step away from the long list of things to do and all would be okay.

So I’m back and the list is still there – it didn’t go anywhere! But in a few short days I’ve taken care of a number of things on that list. I’m finding that everything seems more manageable, mainly because my mindset has changed. And I’m rested. I’m also recognizing that my own energy work is much more effective because I’m starting with a body that experienced “true letting go and balancing.”

My moral for this “story” – it’s necessary to give ourselves time to just be, to relax, to rest, to restore and to rediscover balance. And we shouldn’t wait for a specific vacation. It is so much better if we give ourselves frequent mini vacations – even if it’s just a few hours here and there to just be quiet and rest. This week I’m using my self help energy flows as my mini vacations and I’m finding that my Baja vacation is still happening – or at least my body thinks so!

Take a look at these sunset pictures! I definitely did not take any naps during those glorious moments!

Wishing you an awesome, happy, productive, and successful New Year!! And hoping you find ways to take many vacations this year!


The Magic of the Cenote

It’s amazing what new things get discovered when you go on an adventure to somewhere you’ve never been before! I’d never heard of a cenote before planning for our Playo del Carmen vacation. A cenote is a natural pit, or sink hole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. There are many cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico – some are surface open-water pools. Others are like the underground cavern we visited in the Coba Mayan region. And it was magical!

We climbed down a metal spiral staircase and landed at a path leading to the opening of the cavern. Walk through that opening and you’re on a deck built from the floor of the cave. The water is up to your thighs and it is cold. Walk to the edge of the deck, push off and you’re swimming in a pool of crystal clear water that is about 40 feet deep. Look up and the ceiling of the cave is about 50 feet above you. (I think I’m being conservative with that estimate.)

The space is surreal — it is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop (if there was something to drop that pin on). Every sound echoes. A whispered conversation is heard across the cavern. The cavern is unearthly, dreamlike, magical – I could see why cenotes were used by the ancient Mayans for rites. (Believing that these pools were gateways to the afterlife, they sometimes threw valuable items into them.)

There are very few fish to see (a few catfish at the entrance), but the purpose of the goggles and the snorkel — to see those amazing rock formations and to see the really deep entrance to the tunnel that connects this cenote to another one, who knows where. All are linked — how cool is that?

One more time – I had a bit of trepidation about stepping off that dock and into all of that deep water. My son took my hand, I did it, and that was all she wrote. I had to be reminded several times that it was time to go.

What an amazing adventure! And there are so many more cenotes for me to discover. I’m ready to swim in the one that connects to the ocean. So I guess I have to go back — I’m ready to fully immerse myself and experience more magic!

You can read more about the geology and the anthropology of the cenote at Who knows — maybe I’ve gotten you interested in the adventure!


Discover the possibilities in your life…

Deborah's Garden Gate Deborah's_Gate_DetailThe new year is here! It’s the time of transition – going from 2013 to 2014 and stepping into new possibilities. Have you made your resolutions? Are you already saying, “Humm, how is THIS going to happen?” I have not been a good role model for listing my resolutions and doing the follow though. Because, as we well know, the follow through is how you make it from where you are to where you want to be. So, this year I’ve decided to see it in a whole new light. I’m seeing the transition as stepping though a gate that allows me to see what the possibilities are, to be able to still see where I came from, to be able to make changes as they are called for, and to be able to see the beauty of all that takes place.

Hence, “my gate”. A gate, for me, beckons to be opened and walked through. In fact, I wrote the following in the introduction of my manual, Energy Balancing Care Guide: “Consider…see your body, mind, spirit as a garden that hungers to be cultivated, that has many gates beckoning to be opened”. 

And isn’t it appropriate that I just had the most beautiful gate built??!! It was recently installed as the main gate into my garden. Each time I see it I know that it was a “project” – it was on the back burner a real long time. But even more than that, it was a design project – I had to actually state the purpose of the gate and determine what I wanted it to look like. And, now I see that it truly symbolizes how to approach life – recognizing that each and every moment is a transition from the one just before. And that to reach where I want to be I need to be able to be fluid and easy in my movement. Lucky for me, my new gate is a picture of the beauty that life is ready to give us – we just need to be ready, willing and able to step into the possibilities.

To keep on reminding me how to be in that “space”, I of course do my Daily Clean Your House Flow several times a day. And to “see what the space has to offer” (so I can see all that there is to see and increase the potential of getting there), I like doing this —

  • Right hand – cup forehead with fingers on the left side
  • Left hand – cup base of skull with fingers on the right side
  • Right hand – move to just below the collarbone and cup the sternum
  • Left hand – hold fingers in a vertical pattern on tummy (just below naval)

Enjoy the movement!! AND wishing you a very Happy New Year – one that is full of possibilities that you can easily and effortlessly step into!!





Blue and coral butterfliesTransformation — it’s the season!

First off, Happy Holidays! I love this season — for me it’s all about the preparation, the traditions and the joy I feel experiencing those special moments. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or the Winter Solstice or something in between, the season is all about transformation.

Transform — change, turn, convert, transfigure, alter, make over, metamorphose, remodel, reconstruct, remold, recast, refurbish — the Thesaurus is pretty specific that transforming is all about involvement. You really have to become a part of the process to take yourself from where you are to where you want to be. The butterfly is a perfect depiction of easy and effortless transformation. It’s life is all about being in the moment and allowing and letting go. From the caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly — each step is a new beginning.

Have you noticed that I have butterflies on my brochures and cards? I have a special connection with that beautiful, fragile, courageous and wonderful being. Just being near one is an uplifting experience — they flit about with ease and if you’re exceptionally lucky, one will light upon you. They have no expectations — watch one as it leaves its cocoon into a fresh new beginning. It is living in a completely different body than the one it had before — and it just accepts and moves on.

Another connection that makes me smile is how OUR bodies are all about transformation. Your body depends on it. Every system within you harnesses transformation and creates newness to keep you alive.  Respiratory, digestion, circulation, reproduction, cognitive process — every process within you is taking old and creating new. That’s why energy balancing works! When we connect with the energy balance areas we are helping our bodies transform to become what they want to be — healthy, happy, vital beings that help you enjoy every moment of your life. When your body is in a state of energetic balance and harmony is living like a butterfly — each moment is a new beginning.

My hope for all of us is that we discover how to live in OUR worlds with ease and joy — accepting and allowing, living up to the challenges that come our way, ready to step into any new possibility, willing to be totally involved in the process of transformation which is life.

In this glorious season of hope and joy — as we light up our homes and neighborhoods to brighten the darkness, as we wait for the days to get longer, as we step into another new beginning — be a butterfly. And enjoy YOUR transformation.


Thanksgiving Every Day

Cornucopia filled with vegetables and fruitBeing grateful for yourself and your life

We all know that Thanksgiving is about gratitude and that when we’re in that frame of mind, the holiday is a good one. But to get there, we first have to acknowledge the abundance in our lives. We’ve all done the “write down everything you can think of that you’re grateful for”. I’m going to challenge you to approach the “exercise” in a different way. Consider the possibility that abundance actually comes from the richness and greatness YOU bring to your world.  I know that it might be a bit out of your comfort zone and that it might take some major contemplation, especially since it’s so easy for us to be in self-judgment. But humor me!

As you contemplate your list, think about these bytes:

  • YOU touch everyone around you in ways you don’t even realize
  • YOU are an expression of your truth
  • YOU are in alignment when you are following your path
  • YOU are an inspiration to friends, family, and co-workers
  • YOU are courageous just because you step through your days and your challenges
  • YOU have achieved so much. Don’t forget ANY of those moments!
  • YOU have stepped through changes. Honor your journey

I find that it takes work to sit there and create this list. Most of us aren’t set up to pat ourselves on the back. But this is so much more than that. Go deep, deeper than the day-to-day successes.

Let Go of Mind Chatter Fast

Need an energy flow to help the process? To help let go of the “mind chatter”?

  • Right hand: hold forehead with fingers on the left side
    Left hand: cup back of head, fingers on right base of skull
  • Left hand: hold forehead with fingers on the right side
    Right hand: cup back of head, fingers on left base of skull
  • Do your Jumper Cables: hold each thumb and finger (several good breaths on each one)

Jumper Cabling connects with ALL emotions so the emotions don’t take your breath away and stop movement forward. Jumper Cabling allows you to get the information from the emotions.

And, while you’re in that space and time of “this is me and I’m great,” recognize that YOU are the one who creates joy and passion in your life. Oh, I know, it hasn’t always been easy — but you’re doing it! So, be grateful for yourself and your life!

I am in gratitude that YOU are in MY life! I appreciate each and every one of you and am in joy that my journey includes you!


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